This special session allows people on the autistic spectrum to enjoy our trampoline park, and the benefits of having fun and jumping for joy in a controlled, safe environment that meets their needs! Join us at iJump Mansfield every Tuesday in term time, between 1.30-2.30pm and 6-7pm.

We know that an Open Jump session can be challenging for people on the autistic spectrum so we’ve designed our exclusive Autism Friendly session, which includes:

  • Plenty of space – An overcrowded venue can be overstimulating for autistic children and adults. We run on a reduced capacity for the hour to give children more room.
  • Low volume – Turn the volume down low and the fun up high! Music is turned down to a minimum and we do not run loud announcements (apart from in extreme situations)
  • House lights only – No strobe or flashing lights will operate during this hour so that children and adults with autism can focus on having as much fun as possible!

Everyone attending must watch our safety briefing video and be able to follow some simple instructions, for example: no running, one person per trampoline at all times etc. 

If you have any additional requirements, please speak to our team who will be happy to help you!

Please discuss participation in these sessions with a qualified medical practitioner prior to booking. 

Join our Autism Friendly Trampoline Session.

£7 per guest with 1 carer jumping for free (please bring proof with you)

(Please remember to bring your grip socks back with you or these can be purchased for £1.50 per pair.)

Jumpers in our Autism Friendly sessions will get full access to the trampoline park, including:

  • Over 55 interconnected trampolines
  • Monkey bars, Battle Beam, and cargo nets
  • Enormous foam pits 
  • Elevated launch pad and performance trampoline 
  • Climbing wall
  • Café (view our menu)

Join us every Tuesday in term time between 1.30-2.30 pm and 6-7pm.

This special session enables people on the autistic spectrum to enjoy our trampoline park and the benefits of jumping in a controlled, safe environment.


Is trampolining good for those with autism?

Controlled bouncing on a trampoline (aka Rebound Therapy) can help to alleviate anxiety and have a strong calming effect on adults and children with autism. 

Check out the images below to see the calm, controlled environment our autistic children and adult jumpers have fun in!